Malaysia Paper Bag Supplies


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We also provide custom sticker design and printing to be put onto these cute bags. Seemly for your party as a doorgift pack. You can order mix colors (upon stock availability). Order should be made 15 days before required date. Order will only be processed after FULL PAYMENT is received by MyLovelicious.

DocMcStuffins Birthday Party


Intesting ideas shared by PartyCity, Birthdaydirect and once again Karaspartyideas.

Ok ok ok....
Aspen suka tengok cerita Doc McStuffins tau. Sebab cerita ni cute dan graphic dia pun cute. Atau cerita ni cute sebab grafik yang cute? Aaaa...mana-mana pun lah. Tapi Doc McStuffins memang sangat menarik untuk dijadikan tema dalam sambutan harijadi!!!

Pening nak rancang satu? Hulurkan tangan anda.....pada kami dan kami akan bantu anda mencipta satu suasa klinik yang comel untuk anak-anak anda, anda sendiri dan tetamu anda untuk mendapatkan rawatan.

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Avengers Ahoii!!!!


Interesting ideas from particity, occassiononline, etsy and pinterest

Your boys are having an imagination of being team with Hulk, Captain America and Spiderman?? Why don't you 'POWWW' and 'DUSHH' their imagination into reality?? At least on their very special BIRTHDAY !!!
Let us assist you guys. Don't let down the boys ok!!

With only as low as RM 250 you could set up your own AVENGERS birthday party for your boys and let them rule the hall!!!

Maisara 6th Frozen Birthday

Ben10 Birthday Party


I googled for Ben-10 Birthday Party Ideas and stuck on This is so lovely and so 'man' for our boys. Anyone is catching up Ben-10 party? Why not let us transform your hall!!! You can choose any of our Package that suite your budget in HERE

Frozen Party Pack


Now you can set up your own "Chill" Frozen Party with our Frozen Party Pack !

We need 15 - 20 working days after order confirmed for delivery.
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LEGO Birthday Bash


While our girls are having a deep crush on the character of Elsa, some of our boys are now fan LEGO toys. I got some request on making the custom doorgift pack for LEGO themed birthday party. It makes my day.

For those who running out of time but yet is throwing a LEGO Birthday Party, MyLovelicious could help you to ease your burden.

RM 1,600 
LEGO Birthday Package 
inclusive of: 

1. Birthday Table Set Up with: 
# 10 Beverages 
# Backdrop Decorations
# Pennant Banner
# Celebrity Poster

2. Helium Balloons (Set of 6)

3. Dinner Set 

4. Dinner Table Decorations with Centrepiece

5. Doorgift Bag with 5 Items

Anyone interested?
Please WhatsApp (No Call Before Confirm Order Policy) at : 019 - 400 5064
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Some might look at the package price and say..."What? More than a thousand?!" But trust me,if you do it yourself, you might spend much more that what we could offer you. Why? Just because we are Party Planner and we bought things in BULK for our stock pile. Therefore, don't be hesitate dear. Just relax and we will make your party AWESOME !!