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MyLovelicious has been established since 2009 by me a.k.a Aspen a.k.a Narita. MyLovelicious is basically a small company based at home business but having a big ambition and big ideas to share.

We are an online party shop that gives customers the privilege of buying party favours and novelties from home (online), hiring experts to help organise a party / event, renting out the perfect costumes for a party, and getting the best ideas on the decorations and entertainment to have for a party / event. We are hassle-free and we give our customers a first-class experience on throwing a party! - See more at: http://www.partyshop.com.my/aboutus.htm#sthash.iMJNDtoM.dpuf
We gives privileges to our customer to book & buy everything just through online. Although we are not simply accept calls (No Call Policy Before Confirmed Order) but we are a great online and WhatsApp communicator. All these modern gadgets and helpful apps can simplify our deals and all we have to do is TRUSTING EACH OTHER.

So, what do we provide? 

  • Party / Event Planner
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  • Kids Party Activities 
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  • Professional Emcee
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  • Photo Booth with Photo Props
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This blog is not mainly about our business. This is also a thought sharing platform of a mother of 3 bijak bestari kids. And...its also not always about thoughts, I blog when I am grumpy as well.....Therefore, when it comes about writing whatever in minds, uneasy to read "rojak" language did appear. I would like to apologize for this, I do love my mother-tongue language, and I agree "bahasa jiwa bangsa" but surely we should admit that in our beloved Malaysia, we've been raised with more than a language. So...I hope, my "mixed and dizzy" writing would not effect you guys much ok? And...please keep on visiting....

 Whatever it is...in the end of the day I wish all of you guys could gain something good from this blog...because, life should not be boring.

Ada Apa Dengan Frozen


Figurine Set of FROZEN Character : RM 45

June Aspen dipenuhi dengan nama Elsa Elsa Elsa....mata Aspen pun dah biru je rasa nya. Badan dah seram sejuk macam dalam snow pulak...

Sesekali humming..."do you wanna build a snowman..." aceh ceh....hebat betul penangan filem animasi Disney yang baru ni.

100% tempahan pada bulan June adakah berkisarkan tema "Frozen"...haaaa bayangkan. Baik birthday party, engagement dan errr...aqiqah...heeeee senyum jerr.

Favourite character pulak...si cold head Elsa. Aspen pun macam confuse sikit, watak Anna lebih banyak ditonjolkan tetapi si Elsa yang menjadi pujaan hati ramai terutama di kalangan anak-anak gugurl dan errr....mak-mak jugak.

Mungkin Elsa kelihatan sangat sofistikated dan lebih "princess" compare to Anna. When I asked my Aliyah, her answer is unexpected... "Anna ada freckles" gulp...so look judgemental la my dear.

Anyway, Aspen berbesar hati sangat dengan semua tempahan yang datang di bulan June ni. Alhamdulillah dan terima kasih semua ye. Pada yang da settle tu....hopefully Uols truly satisfied. Pada yang belum lagi tu..kita sama2 nervous k.

Pada Aspen, Frozen is a movie that shows the different view of "true love" with a lot of funny elements within. Olaf...ermm dia memang cute, funny, and a great companion.

Pada sesiapa yang berminat nak buat "FROZEN PARTY" Mylovelicious boleh bantu anda untuk merealisasikan impian anda. Tapi....June da full, July kita cuti sebulan Ramadhan , jadi tempahan bermula sebaik seminggu selepas raya ok? (Aspen da dapat tempahan bulan Oktober dan November pun)

Aspen juga ada jual 'mini figurines' Frozen tau. Ada Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans dan Sven!!! Mini figurines ni boleh jadi cake topper. Cuma RM 45 /set.

Berminat? Bolehlah whatsApp Aspen di 019-398 0662 atau email ke Mylovelicious@yahoo.com.

Kita chill!!!