"Usah berdoa agar Allah permudahkan hidupmu kerana hidup ini sememangnya banyak ujian bagi orang-orang yang beriman, tetapi berdoalah supaya Allah menjadikan dirimu lebih tabah"

Avengers Ahoii!!!!


Interesting ideas from particity, occassiononline, etsy and pinterest

Your boys are having an imagination of being team with Hulk, Captain America and Spiderman?? Why don't you 'POWWW' and 'DUSHH' their imagination into reality?? At least on their very special BIRTHDAY !!!
Let us assist you guys. Don't let down the boys ok!!

With only as low as RM 250 you could set up your own AVENGERS birthday party for your boys and let them rule the hall!!! You may also look into our other packages in HERE

We also provide balloons both latex and helium types and you may find the price in HERE

Maisara 6th Frozen Birthday

Ben10 Birthday Party


I googled for Ben-10 Birthday Party Ideas and stuck on karaspartyidea.com. This is so lovely and so 'man' for our boys. Anyone is catching up Ben-10 party? Why not let us transform your hall!!! You can choose any of our Package that suite your budget in HERE

The Littlest Thing I Could Do


My heart is wrenching watching the news of offensive attack on Palestinian by the evil-doers Israeli and my heart is like blowing off when listening to Barrack Obama on his opinion of this issue. Barrack is defending for this inhumanity with the reason of 'Israel is holding their right' ????

When Barrack came to Malaysia last few months (around May - June 2014) he was already adviced by Malaysian not to be biased to Muslims community around the world. Just like other munafiquns and kuffar, he nodded in smile and made a promise.

What kind of justice when over 300 Palestinian and keep increasing (Including Woman and children) had to pay for the lost of 3 death Israeli? What kind of rights you are talking about where there is no single evident showing that these 3 death Israeli was killed by Palestinian? What kind of rights Barrack is trying to defend when the land that Israeli now occupying is originally belongs to Palestinian???And what kind of right that MALAYSIA should hold for the shot down MH17??? Didn't we have the equal right???

Whatever you are saying Barrack...

We MUSLIMS are not and never being hopeful on you! Allah sufficeth us. Allah will give us of His bounty. No matter how much you regard yourself as a powerful entity, you are just a kuffar to our eyes and we release ourselves from you. 

The world might look down on US Muslims...we seems defeated and weak, but we will keep holding our faith and believe. No matter how aggressive and how aspiring the cursed Israeli to take over Muslims land, we will still grows with IMAN. You might outnumbers us but you will never eliminate us. Never !!! 

To my dear Palestinian brothers and Sisters, and all my Muslims brothers and sisters who are now being oppressed for holding our FAITH and BELIEVES be PATIENT and keep praying!!

"And surely We shall try you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of wealth and lives and crops; but give glad tidings to the steadfast"  Al-Baqarah (155)

I'm using this blog to work from home, to find money, to earn a small income...but I do not fear if I lose all this for giving my full support to all of you because this is the littlest thing I could do. I don't have a big voice to be heard, I don't have a strength to fight with you, I am nobody to make an impact, but I have du'a...and I will keep my du'a for US Muslims.
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